Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Justice is an animal

We Are All George Zimmerman is an essay by Daniel Greenfield about the public tragedy of the Zimmerman/Martin case and I suggest that you read and understand each and every word of it.  I have nothing further to comment other than to say that Mr. Greenfield is right.  Damn right. A sample:
The beast that is doing its best to swallow up Zimmerman knows no facts or truths, it has no virtues, only goals. It cares nothing for what he did or did not do. Its only goal is to swallow him whole. It has eyes made of cameras, teeth made of guns, network cables for guts, a mind made of slogans and a nervous system that always needs stimulation. The beast may fail in its task, but it will let out a brief howl and move on to the next victim.

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