Friday, July 29, 2011

Irony, bittersweet irony

Gee whiz, you mean capitaliism actually works?  Who'da thunk it??

Obviously, not Washington DC.

10 years ago

Boy, how I wish we could all jump in the "way back" machine together (well, maybe not all of us) and travel back to the heady halcyon days of May 2001 when everyone was bitching about $2 a gallon gasoline and Osama bin Laden was just a rode-hard, put-up-wet, camel humper loping around the mountains of Afghanistan in a dirty bed sheet.

Fast forward to today, where we having raging deficits, out-of-control spending, an ever-growing and seemingly uncontrollable beast known as debt that is virtually impossible to pay off for the next generation or two and it makes the pre-9/11 days seem pretty freaking great, don't it?

Today though, instead of $2 a gallon gas as our main worry, we have other important matters to pay for such as the salaries of imprisoned Palestinian terrorists or jars of piss with a crucifix inside of it (it's art, ya know) or a shrimp running on a treadmill or the fire station that couldn't be built (thanks FEMA!) and lastly, the sidewalk paved (twice) to nowhere.

Washington DC needs to get it's collective and very much empty head out of it's fucking big, fat, entitled ass and get to work on putting this country back on the right track.  This is ridiculous!

Dammit, I'm so mad now I cannot even finish this post.  Fuck you Washington in your gad-damn donut hole!

Just when you think've seen it all.  Along comes stupid to show you a little more.

And we are worried about the Chinese overtaking us economically and technologically?

The question I have is: don't they have some concoction brewed from the testicles or beak of some rare animal that would cure this man's ailments?  For god's sake, I saw freeze dried cockroaches in a Chinese grocery once.  Eat one of those fucking things, it ought to do the trick!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anyone got a cool 2 mil?

The Dude's house is for sale.

Shut the fuck up Donny!


For you movie types who like a little caustic acid bath sarcasm with your movie reviews, have a look at Filmdrunk.

Good stuff!

Almost makes me never want to watch another Hollywood "blockbuster" again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brainz and logicz

The dumbest smart man's momma once said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Rachel Maddow. . .you sir, are stupid.  And so are the half dozen San Fran bull dykes that watch your show every night.

Guns kill dead voters!!! Or something.  It's just as nonsensical as what she is trying to imply. . .

Feel the power of the vagina!

And speaking of

. . .Brother Holder.  Just what the holy fuck is this guy doing now?

Whose side is this guy on???

Tickled Pink

Maybe guys with foot fetishes had it going on all this time and we all thought they were just some kinda freaky!


You have been duly warned.

Welcome to Mississippi

True love can be found almost anywhere.  Even next to the Twinkies and Ho-Ho's.

Class and intelligence?  Well, that's a little harder to encounter. . .


Remember, if we take down Obama, we get Biden.  Keep that in mind as you read this article.  Plus, since Obama is one of Attorney General Eric Holder's "people", it's very unlikely that anything will ever come of this.  Unless, Darrell Issa can dislodge the crook-in-chief or AG Holder first through his various investigations in House oversight committee.

Wishful thinking. . .

Passages in time

Passages in time


If this chick is 16 years old, then my name is Cenk De─čirmencio─člu and I play for the Turkish national badminton team.

I guess every tweaked-out, 16 year-old, plasticized, Barbie look-a-like needs an old, washed up, B-list actor to make her feel special.  Because everyone is special, right?  Mommy says so. . .

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's what's for dinner


Last year it was Waldrup. This year it's Moulder. One thing is for certain, this cow gets passed around Yazoo City more than a bottle of lube at the Fulton Street Festival in San Francisco.

And before you go looking that up, you must trust me that it is heinous.

So, the question of this whole exercise is: who is the true owner of Election Cow?

And furthermore, who decided that it was savvy electioneering to plaster your name on the side of a 15 foot tall plastic cow?

And lastly, is there a larger market for plastic election cows? What about election goats? Or monkeys?

Something tells me monkeys would have a huge market.