Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Because Captain Thurston has been on a tear about odd clothing since the mantyhose debate, I thought I would look into the world of strange clothing too.

I believe I have found something that is not only useful, but also rather chic, and it could come in quite handy for the everyday whore who expects the general public to pay for their contraception. Hi Sandra!

I say get it on and get it off!

Friday, May 25, 2012


This day has been dedicated to blogging about a dick.

This is the dick.

What a dick, huh?

Welcome to the new terrorism via left wing nut balls.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Justice is an animal

We Are All George Zimmerman is an essay by Daniel Greenfield about the public tragedy of the Zimmerman/Martin case and I suggest that you read and understand each and every word of it.  I have nothing further to comment other than to say that Mr. Greenfield is right.  Damn right. A sample:
The beast that is doing its best to swallow up Zimmerman knows no facts or truths, it has no virtues, only goals. It cares nothing for what he did or did not do. Its only goal is to swallow him whole. It has eyes made of cameras, teeth made of guns, network cables for guts, a mind made of slogans and a nervous system that always needs stimulation. The beast may fail in its task, but it will let out a brief howl and move on to the next victim.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A sad day

Rest in peace, Flathead.


The next time I hear some supposed "reverend" flapping his fat lips about equality I think I am going to be sick.

A grown man taking swings at a woman holding a child does not deserve my equality.  Get back to me in a few million years when you people catch up with modern, civilized man.


Been trying to breathe a little life back into The Big Feed where I used to post as you know who before you know who started stalking me around the internet and I had to develop a whole 'nother you know who to protect myself from the you know who who couldn't seem to leave the you know what behind even though the you know who and what repeatedly said she was leaving the you know what and who behind which included you know who and what.

Got that?

Why don't ya stop by for a visit?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Screw Murphy

The rule of law in the construction industry is that if you are going to dig a hole, God is going to take a leak in it to punish your sins.

Never fails.


Like most human beings I am not particularly fond of insects although there are some species that don't seem to bother me like ladybugs or roly polies or skeeter eaters.

However, there is a small list of bugs that cause me distress so great that my demeanor changes instantly from the grown man not scared of shit that I am to a blithering 4-year old girl. Not afraid to admit it either.

The top of the list, as I have said before, is the demonic cockroach. Second on the list would be the 6-inch long "langosta" locust that appears once a year in Costa Rica. Third place is usually shared between large millipedes and scorpions.

Somewhere way down the list is the harmless but odd looking stink bug. They don't seem to offend me to any great extent as I see them often in the garden and they seem to be quite happy to get out of my way. On the other hand, when I am trying to determine why the cab of my truck has filled with a strange and very strong odor, best described as Play Doh mixed with cinnamon and a tinge of ammonia, and I notice a very large stink bug which has appeared on my leg then begins buzzing around my face as I'm driving 75 m.p.h.? Well, all bets are off and out comes the little girl.

The innocent bystander in the bank parking lot where I was finally able to stop must have found it disturbing to see a truck screech to a halt and a grown man barrel roll from the cab, waving his hands wildly while simultaneously and alternately cursing at the wind and whimpering like a beaten puppy.

The bug, on the other hand? Hell, nothing fazes a stink bug. He flew away harmlessly after ruining my afternoon, probably charging up his stink gland for another exciting encounter with a weak-kneed human being.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Simple and well put

A comment in regard to this article:

This is a simple matter of definitions. The left IS for 'diversity'. It's just that they define it differently. To them it means differences in appearance. They love presenting a photo of faculty made up of every color in the rainbow.
BUT, to them it never means diversity of THOUGHT.  That is 'intolerable'. Under the guise of tolerance, the left has systematically created an intolerance, and the thing that boggles the mind is that they're unaware of it. - mscgeek1

Just brilliant.

Sing song ching chong

This is why I have always loved Michelle Malkin.  She can skewer like nobody's mommasan.

I think what she is ultimately trying to say Marion, is, fuck you!

Painful irony

Yeah, I mean, she smashes your nuts so where do you go to have them fixed?

Well, Ball Hospital of course!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Joke

Two black guys walk into a dealership to get dem some service on dey Chrysler 300. . .

Turns out the car has mismatched VIN numbers so the dealership calls the police who verify the stolen car.  The cops lay in wait while the dealership calls the "client" to ask them to come back and, not surprisingly, the two turds return.  After it was all over with, the cops had in custody one felon, his brother, a stolen car, a gun, two ounces of powder cocaine, $21,000 in cash, and. . . .drumroll please. . . .

. . .a baby.

I listened to the whole thing on the police scanner a couple of weeks ago.  And to think that some people in this great nation believe that felons should have the right to vote.

I think we should push them off into a deep hole and cover them up with dogshit.  Felons don't deserve a gaddamn thing.  Especially those that willfully endanger children.


No matter how much hope you hold out for black voters, they continually disappoint time after time after time.

They do it here in Jackson when they re-elect City Council blowhard Kenneth Stokes, they do it on a national level with Bennie Thompson, it was done across America with Barack Obama and now, for, I don't know, the third of fourth time the voters of the District of Columbia do not disappoint.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce DC Councilman primary winner and ex-two-time-Mayor and qualified crack-head and ex-convict Marion Barry.

There is no hope left for these racist idiots.  They get exactly what they deserve.

Barry unleashed, if you can stomach it.

Government attacks

Do you remember the Martians from the modern version of Mars Attacks?



Much has been made about the old feud between Sarah Palin and Katie Couric.  Ex-Governor Palin recently hosted one of the morning programs on a national network which pitted her against Queen Perky Tits on another program.  Turned out to be a ratings blowout for Palin.

I couldn't care either way but I would like to compare and contrast the two women in a way which clearly shows the great cultural divide between honest, God-fearing Conservatism and the debauchery of Liberalism.