Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Joke

Two black guys walk into a dealership to get dem some service on dey Chrysler 300. . .

Turns out the car has mismatched VIN numbers so the dealership calls the police who verify the stolen car.  The cops lay in wait while the dealership calls the "client" to ask them to come back and, not surprisingly, the two turds return.  After it was all over with, the cops had in custody one felon, his brother, a stolen car, a gun, two ounces of powder cocaine, $21,000 in cash, and. . . .drumroll please. . . .

. . .a baby.

I listened to the whole thing on the police scanner a couple of weeks ago.  And to think that some people in this great nation believe that felons should have the right to vote.

I think we should push them off into a deep hole and cover them up with dogshit.  Felons don't deserve a gaddamn thing.  Especially those that willfully endanger children.

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