Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You lie!

I guess Rep. Joe Wilson was right the last time 'round.

Even the AP is calling Obama a liar.  In so many words of course. . .they would never call him liar outright, because as we've all learned here lately. . .anything said about the president is racist.  And even though we aren't the only racists around here, we still be racist yo.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'll take mine

Scattered, smothered and covered with a sheet.

What do you expect from a class of people that thinks wearing a pair of pants hanging somewhere in the vicinity of the kneecaps is "cool?"

About a quart low of Earl

Good luck with this strategy, douchebags.


Quite possibly the dumbest question ever asked.

Like it needs an explanation.

Remember the meme

Supporting voter ID legislation is exactly the same as suppressing the votes of minorities via poll tax.  It is racist.  And in case you forgot, it is racist.  Racist racist racist.

Voter ID laws are racist and are not about protecting the integrity of the voting process.

You got that?  Racist?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


And just when you think the government cannot possibly reach even further into our lives, business and lifestyle. . .they do.

Psst!  Hey Mac, you got any walnuts, cuz I'm hurtin' bad!

The lunacy continues. . .


Boehner nails it.


This is why Ace gets millions of unique hits a month.  Only he can write something so perfect.

He gets millions of hits, I get ten. 

But I say motherfucker a lot more often, so there.

Scum confirmed

There has never been much to hide the fact that Jesse Jackson is a piece of shit, but this only adds to the validity of that truth.

Pay up sucka!


There is an old military saying that says, "You know you're over the target when you feel the flak."

In today's world, that phrase is often used when discussing hot button political or other sensitive issues.  The first time someone goes apeshit, you know you are right on target.

Recalculating. . . .

I like the logic of commenter Justin:

If aliens came down and intercepted this software, before they even introduced themselves to humans, they would merely have a map of geographical areas with high crime rates without ever knowing the race or ethnic origin of the neighborhoods. For you to stand on MLK Blvd and protest such software proves that you are cognizant of the fact that Black neighborhoods are high crime neighborhoods…. Stop race baiting and actually do something about it for a change… No one wants this situation with low income neighborhoods… Not white, yellow, brown, and especially any self respecting black man. This sort of divisiveness only serves to prolong the problem.


I'll paraphrase one of the comments from this article I just read in which a commenter stated, "There must be some good crack in the White House.

Seriously Barack?  Seriously?

With an economic worldview such as this, its no wonder this country is flat broke, loaded with debt and bumbling aimlessly into certain obliteration.  It is almost like we are approaching the event horizon of a black hole and time has been slowed by gravity and warped into a loop with the same thing flashing in front of us again and again and again.

Don't worry chaps

Don't be afraid of your government.  Be VERY FUCKING AFRAID of your governement.

Rise up

Might be time to dust off the old pitchfork and head to Washington.  What the fuck is wrong with our government?

Hands off the people's money!


I think the headline should be "Psychotic Race Zombies Attack Free-Market Enterprising People with Jobs Who Not Surprisingly are Probably Paying the Welfare Checks of the Aforementioned Zombies"

Fucking idiots.

Go riot at KFC motherfuckers.  They were open too.

Not to worry

Don't worry folks, even though our Preisdent, his Attorney General and Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett are busy stirring the bubbling black pot of racial animosity in different and various venues (like a church), we really have nothing to worry about at our unsecured southern border with Mexico.

Except a few severed heads. . .on our side of the border.

Nah, nothing to fret over because we have much larger problems like a "do-nothing Congress" and "obstructionist Republicans" and "just outright fucking racists" in our midst.

The problem is, if Obama and his people looked in the mirror every now and then, they'd be surprised that the real racists are themselves.

And another racist.  And another.  And another.  They're everywhere!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Those fucking ATMs!

Obama the Blamemaster has an excuse for everything. But mostly, he likes to blame job losses on ATMs.

I guess it never occurred to him that it just might be his over-reaching mandates and economic policies.


Haines explains: "I had just gotten back from Coachella, and I walked into the studio and noticed on the bulletin board that Joules had written 'spider vs bat,' i think he had been obsessively watching all these National Geographic animals-fighting-each-other-videos in his hotel room. For me, that phrase triggered an entire narrative that was about a gladiator-style enormo-dome where everything turns in on itself, with every form of aggression on display for spectators: monster trucks ramming into each other, bull fighting, sweaty men wrestling. And then you have these animals completely disconnected from the logic of their natural habitat, so you have a swan pecking the shit out of an elephant and pigs biting the necks out of tigers, and bats attacking spiders. And then in the seats, the spectators are kicking the shit out of each other too. There's this completely blurred line between spectator and participant, and we're all trapped in this fucked up Noah's Ark. The images came to me all at once, and I wrote the lyrics on the spot." 


Some people are stupid.

And some people are idiotic.

And some people are stupid idiots with a big ol' set of jugs.

Meghan? I have donuts. Would you like some donuts?

Nickname: Shit

It's bad enough when you are named John Johnson or Robert Roberts or some such shit.

But this shit, well, it's just the shit!


Just something to get your Monday started off correctly.